Cuchara, Colorado – Paradise Enough

Along Hwy 12, just south of La Veta, Colorado and north of Trinidad is the little, rustic community of Cuchara. A small, old west inspired boardwalk acts as a hub of activity for many quaint, but lovely shops, a general store, and the famous Dog Bar & Grill. Weddings and other family gatherings occur at the Timbers while the Cuchara Lodge booms with tourists and sight seers in the summer. There is an ice cream parlor open in the summer months featuring Blue Bell Ice Cream. Another attraction is the 9-hole miniature golf course at the rear of town, just before the bridge leads to private homes on the other side of the Cucharas River that babbles through town with a few restful and relaxing B&B retreats on its shores.

Susan and David-7

An unincorporated town in Huerfano County, Cuchara is nestled just north of the Cucharas Pass that rises nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. Stunning views of the valley and its richly lush pine forests greet travelers along the Highway of Legends. Nearby campgrounds with Rocky Mountain Lake Shores of Bear Lake, Blue Lake, North Lake, and Monument Lake beckon. Among these travelers, hikers, off-roaders, bikers, horseback riders, sledders, fishermen, hunters embrace the region. A former ski resort exists with the promise to reopen soon. Currently, this winter, it is open for a tubing hill, cross-country skiing, and downhill “skinning” skiing at visitor’s own risk. The hope of a zipline and mountain coaster for the summer loom in the talk of the valley and promise to bring even more enjoyable fun to the area. Even a golf course lurks in the closeby town of La Veta where adventurers can climb aboard an old fashioned steam train and journey over La Veta Pass to Alamosa.


Cuchara Chapel also stands amid the tranquil San Isabel Forest with its steeple rising. During the summer months, Sunday services follow suit for the church going crowd and weddings fill the air with glowing brides and grooms often. A fully functioning dude ranch waits on the outskirts of town, letting thrill seekers and city slickers alike leave the confines of modern urban life and feel the excitement of cattle drives and ranching. Kayakers smooth across the nearby lakes while trail seekers set off afoot among the trailheads through the winding roads. All this reflects how Colonel John Francis once declared, “This is paradise enough for me,” as he first laid eyes upon the Cucharas.


Where do all these visitors go to grab a bite: the famous Dog Bar & Grill established in 1980. Here growling stomachs are filled by a stunning assortment of appetizers like Sweet Potato Nachos, salads such as the Pesto Pizza Salad, entrees of which one can find fish & chips, chicken tenders, pizzas, burgers including a Chipolte Burger, sandwiches, and delicious desserts of famous Dog Bar Mud Pie or White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake among a few. Live entertainment often pours engaging music echoing through the village as the warm, hospitable, and very friendly staff treat patrons with a glow of smiles and prompt customer service. During the summer one can sit out on the patio, bringing their canine companions with them. In the winter, the inside dining remains best with a bar and fireplace toasting the frigid air common after the heavy, Rocky Mountain snows.

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As Featured in Touchstone Pixels’ Engagement Shoot of Susan Conway & David Rollins

So one day soon, we invite you to hop in your car, journey along the scenic Highway of Legends, through the imperial stonewall, along the banks of the crystal waters of our lakes, and over the towering pass, and into the rich, luscious valley of the Cuchara. Take your time, a day, a week, or two. Visit the delightful shops with everything from goat’s milk soaps to necessities for camping. Taste the delectable fare of the Dog Bar & Grill. Simply sit and bask in the beauty of the Sangre de Cristos while engaging their eastern slopes. You’ll find it is indeed a paradise.


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