Ruby Mountain – Reflecting the Sun

Along the banks of the Arkansas River as it winds through the Southern Colorado Rockies, one landmark stands tall, a testament to the mining days of the past. Ruby Mountain now acts as a host to campers, hikers, fishermen, and more. A member of the Arkansas Headquarters Recreation Area’s designated campgrounds, Ruby Mountain rests nestledContinue reading “Ruby Mountain – Reflecting the Sun”

The Town Beneath the Lake

A local haven of boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and more, Trinidad Lake welcomes visitors to the Scenic Highway of Legends with the captivating Sangre de Cristo peaks awaiting. They stand imperiously tall over the reasonable distance of miles and shoreline creating weary Trinidad residents and revel seekers from around the globe’ enjoyable oasis in theContinue reading “The Town Beneath the Lake”

Echoes of the Past – Morley, Colorado

Climbing over the ruggedly steep terrain, ever higher and higher into the Colorado border, the sound of clanking iron and mule teams once echoed across the pass. Steam locomotives hauled the black rocks loaded aboard its cars by immigrants from Italy and other European countries. The coal company provided groceries and entertainment through company scriptContinue reading “Echoes of the Past – Morley, Colorado”