America’s Mountain – Pikes Peak, Colorado

Just west of Colorado Springs and towering near Manitou is one of the tallest peaks along the Rocky Mountains. Legends live based on this mountain. Did you ever hear the tale of Sweet Betsy from Pike who crossed the prairies with her husband Ike? Have the stories of the silver and riches flowing in theContinue reading “America’s Mountain – Pikes Peak, Colorado”

Cimarron Canyon & Red River, New Mexico

On a day that greeted Trinidad, Colorado residents with temperatures only in the upper 20s and the waves of fog rolling through with flurries, the idea of an adventure screamed to these bloggers. Starting over Raton Pass, the mercury rapidly rose to 59 degrees, teasing the bloggers with an awesome day ahead while traveling toContinue reading “Cimarron Canyon & Red River, New Mexico”

Capulin Volcano, New Mexico: A Glimpse of the Heavens

Just south of Trinidad and a little west on Highway 87 rests a natural landmark that now stands as a national landmark. Capulin Volcano towers over the surrounding grasslands of the New Mexico plains nearly 8,182 feet above sea level and exists as one of the youngest cinder cone volcanoes at the Raton-Clayton volcanic field.Continue reading “Capulin Volcano, New Mexico: A Glimpse of the Heavens”