The Coveted Elk Rut

The Elk Rut: desired by hunters, beloved by wildlife aficionados, coveted by photographers, and a thrill for all. Just what is the elk rut, you may wonder? I know I certainly did in the past. Now, I can say after a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park in late September, it is something not toContinue reading “The Coveted Elk Rut”

The Majestic Rockies – Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

A land of legends, beauty, history, and incredible wildlife, Rocky Mountain National Park envelops the myth of the majestic Rockies in Colorado. Celebrating the park’s 100 year anniversary in 2015, the park greets visitors as the National Park Service itself brinks on its centennial celebration in 2016. Over the last year the park saw aContinue reading “The Majestic Rockies – Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado”

Durango & The Million Dollar Highway

The lull of the locomotive whistle echoes through the canyon entering town once more after its journey along the High Line and beside the Animas River, raging and still roaring despite the chill of the early autumn air. Golden aspens embrace the hillsides as the scarlet leaves start appearing. Clickity Clack – Clickity Clack withContinue reading “Durango & The Million Dollar Highway”

Ruby Mountain – Reflecting the Sun

Along the banks of the Arkansas River as it winds through the Southern Colorado Rockies, one landmark stands tall, a testament to the mining days of the past. Ruby Mountain now acts as a host to campers, hikers, fishermen, and more. A member of the Arkansas Headquarters Recreation Area’s designated campgrounds, Ruby Mountain rests nestledContinue reading “Ruby Mountain – Reflecting the Sun”

America’s Mountain – Pikes Peak, Colorado

Just west of Colorado Springs and towering near Manitou is one of the tallest peaks along the Rocky Mountains. Legends live based on this mountain. Did you ever hear the tale of Sweet Betsy from Pike who crossed the prairies with her husband Ike? Have the stories of the silver and riches flowing in theContinue reading “America’s Mountain – Pikes Peak, Colorado”

The Town Beneath the Lake

A local haven of boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and more, Trinidad Lake welcomes visitors to the Scenic Highway of Legends with the captivating Sangre de Cristo peaks awaiting. They stand imperiously tall over the reasonable distance of miles and shoreline creating weary Trinidad residents and revel seekers from around the globe’ enjoyable oasis in theContinue reading “The Town Beneath the Lake”

Sangre De Cristo Loop

As one heads up Highway 69 from Walsenburg and north, they overlook the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains while shifting from high desert plains into the foothills, sprigs of spring green edging away the dormancy of the winter months. Enter some buffalo into the scene, resting gracefully along the shores of aContinue reading “Sangre De Cristo Loop”

Monument & Trinidad Lakes

We managed to find some fantastic opportunities for photo shoots and new adventures. Yesterday alone we traveled up to Monument Lake as one continues along Highway 12. The lake is completely thawed and gorgeous in its beautiful clarity. When we first arrived the sky loomed dark and forboding, very gloomily casting doubts of great shotsContinue reading “Monument & Trinidad Lakes”

Cuchara, Colorado – Paradise Enough

Along Hwy 12, just south of La Veta, Colorado and north of Trinidad is the little, rustic community of Cuchara. A small, old west inspired boardwalk acts as a hub of activity for many quaint, but lovely shops, a general store, and the famous Dog Bar & Grill. Weddings and other family gatherings occur atContinue reading “Cuchara, Colorado – Paradise Enough”

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Most people do not realize precisely all there is to see in the area around Trinidad, Colorado. One prime example stays the Great Sand Dunes National Park, located just over La Veta Pass off Hwy 160 and just east of Alamosa. At the base of Mt. Blanca, a vision in itself, a small road allowsContinue reading “Great Sand Dunes National Park”